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FREE Greg Loftus EP download!

In Albums, Artists on October 29, 2009 at 10:59 pm

Our small little label used to be even smaller. The initial release from BIG BULLET RECORDS was actually a re-release of sorts—we helped Massachusetts singer-songwriter Greg Loftus push his fantastic album No Taking Prisoners Tonight and did our best to make folks pay attention to it.

Since then both BIG BULLET RECORDS and Greg Loftus have come a long way. Greg had a brief, yet productive stint last year with a full-band behind him, which he called Splinters & Sparrows. The gang recorded a phenomenal full-length (which you can read a full review of here) before disbanding somewhat. We were so happy with the quality of these songs that we simply cannot allow them to slip beneath the radar. Some of them have been up on Greg’s Myspace for a while now, and five choice cuts were assembled into a tour EP entitled Heathens In Disguise that could be picked up at Greg’s live shows. Now BIG BULLET RECORDS and Greg Loftus would like for you to have that EP and we don’t want you to pay a dime for it. Simply click the album cover below and you will be directed to your free download of Heathens In Disguise by Greg Loftus. Enjoy.


Spilling your heart out countless nights on the road certainly takes its toll, and Greg Loftus knows this all too well. Since his solo debut No Taking Prisoners Tonight, Loftus has been playing the East Coast at a frenetic pace, picking up inspiration for new songs every step of the way. Whereas his previous album captures a headstrong, yet emotionally conscious young Loftus, Heathens In Disguise finds the songwriter grappling with maturity and weightier issues: “Three a.m. again and it might be enough/I know of a bed with my name on it/Yeah I’ve got those friends that keep fucking up/But the blood’s never on their hands/So I lay my head and fall back to sleep again.”

Don’t worry though, Loftus can never fully abandon his rowdy beginnings, and spots of it still shine through brilliantly here. Loftus has just grown to accept that for every reckless, party-filled night on the road there is an equally quiet and somewhat lonesome one, and that is something that we all have to learn to face in due time. Let’s just hope we can all relay the story as articulate and meaningful as Greg has.


New songs from The Demon Beat! Pre-order new album!

In Albums, Artists on October 20, 2009 at 6:10 pm

We are EXTREMELY happy about today. 

This is because today you can pre-order the new full-length from The Demon Beat entitled Shit, We’re 23. All you have to do is click HERE or click the album cover below.

Why should you pre-order? Because we’ll send you an exclusive B-side cut of “You Only Love Me When You’re Stoned” from the album that you can’t get anywhere else!

The official release date of the album is November 12th, but if you pre-order now you’ll not only get your copy on or around the 12th, but you’ll also get the exclusive mp3 sent instantly to your e-mail! A little something to tide you over.


Shit, We're 23

You can currently stream “Millionaire”, “Can’t You”, and “Bad Man” from the album right now at The Demon Beat’s Myspace.

Everyone here at BIG BULLET RECORDS is extremely proud of this album, and we’re sure that you are going to love it just as much as we do.

Order PBC debut + new press + DS videos

In Albums, Artists on October 15, 2009 at 9:00 pm

Prison Book Club

(photo by Ashley Hoffman)

Fresh off of their small, but rowdy tour in support of their debut album, Prison Book Club are now offering up Required Reading for mail-order purchase. You can get your very own physical copy featuring stunning artwork by Jordan Hudkins for only $8, shipping included, by clicking HERE (this album is temporarily out of print…we’ll get the link back up as soon as the new pressing is finished, thanks! In the meantime click HERE for a high-quality digital version at a discounted price!).

Mike Sizemore and the good folks over at the Rock O’ Clock music blog have recently reviewed several of our new releases. You can read them HERE.

We have also recently created a VIMEO account where you can watch exclusive videos of BIG BULLET RECORDS artists. Right now there are some great live videos of Dandelion Snow up, so check them out HERE!

And don’t forget that you can still download our compilation and the new Dandelion Snow album for FREE!
It’s Just A Bad Dream  FREE download

Dandelion Snow on BreakThru Radio!

In Albums, Artists on October 6, 2009 at 5:26 pm

Dandelion Snow is the most recent featured artist on Jezz Harkin’s “Get Into The Van!” series that airs exclusively on NYC’s BreakThru Radio! The show features an in-depth interview with Roger and includes several tracks from his new album, It’s Just A Bad Dream. The podcast can be streamed at anytime for free, so click the image below to check it out!


Introducing Prison Book Club – New album, new tour!

In Albums, Artists on October 1, 2009 at 6:11 pm

We are excited to introduce you to our newest addition: Prison Book Club.

Featuring members of The Demon Beat and The Fox Hunt, Prison Book Club sounds like a rowdy, drunken mess, but in a good way. Songwriters John Miller and Tucker Riggleman balance one another with songs about heartache, life, death, and partying. Check out two tracks from their upcoming album Required Reading right here, and don’t miss their supporting tour w/ Greg Loftus opening!


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