New Dandelion Snow album is out now for FREE download!

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We are extremely happy to announce that Dandelion Snow’s It’s Just A Bad Dream has been released today as a FREE digital download. Our reasoning for the free online download is explained further in the press release that is attached to this post. We’ve all spent a lot of time and effort on this album and we can’t wait for you to hear it! Simply click the album cover below to start your free download of Dandelion Snow’s It’s Just A Bad Dream:



BIG BULLET RECORDS Official Press Release – September 29, 2009


On Tuesday, September 29, 2009 BIG BULLET RECORDS will be releasing the new Dandelion Snow album entitled “It’s Just A Bad Dream”. The album will be available in three mediums: a FREE online download will be available through BIG BULLET RECORDS and Dandelion Snow, advanced copies will be available at shows for a small donation during the current Dandelion Snow tour, and the completely packaged physical copies will be available for a very reasonable price.




We at BIG BULLET RECORDS are extremely proud of the new Dandelion Snow album. “It’s Just A Bad Dream” truly has something for everyone. Roger Harvey’s definitive and ever-evolving songwriting shines on this album. We like it so much that we are offering it as a free online download. This way the music can get into the hands of the people that matter—you. Thank you for your continued support in all of our endeavors. We will continue to bring you affordable, quality independent music.

Roger Harvey of Dandelion Snow wrote the following, and we feel like Roger has perfectly summed up the way that both Dandelion Snow and BIG BULLET RECORDS feel about “It’s Just A Bad Dream” and music in general:

“Music has been the backbone of my life since I was young, traveling with bands, and listening to my favorite records in my parents basement. In today’s subculture the questions of value regarding the arts is constantly being redefined, as an accessibility to free downloads, bit-torrent sites, and donations-based sales have re-evaluated the ancient idealism of the record collector. The appreciation for physical copies of an album is many times compromised to the convenience of portable mp3 player’s. It takes one to know one.

The independent music community has been left in a transitional period, with smaller acts struggling harder than ever to get a dedicated fan base and label support. The concept of overall worth has perceptually declined due to a cultural obsession with money. I have noticed when distributing records at shows that when I am giving away records for free, when the room clears out the floor will be littered with the albums. The same albums that at another show I have sold for 4-5 dollars and have received emails from those fans describing how much the album has meant to them. The biggest predicament concerning value in this culture is the fixation on monetary value replacing all forms of value. It seems that the as music’s monetary value declines, the overall value & appreciation of music as art is also defaced. The question of the turn around value of this album, in which countless friends and myself have invested unimaginable amounts of time, creative energy, and money into, has been, as usual, not open for discussion. We have stuck to our ideals of getting this album in to your hands, whether you can afford a hard copy or not—whether, you want something to add to your collection, or just something to drop on your iPod.

Myself along with Big Bullet Records have done lots of brainstorming on the best way for us to approach this release from the perspective of myself, as part of an independent band, and from the perspective of Big Bullet Records, as an independent label. We have agreed to release this record in three forms prior to the upcoming tour. We will have the hardcopy pressings of which we will sell as cheaply as possible (we promise), we will have a bit less elaborate pressings of which will be available at all the shows for a donation of your choice, and we will have free downloads of the album available online on the release date of September 29th through Big Bullet Records. 

We worked hard to make this album come to life and both the time and money invested is not coming back nor do we want it back. All we want is for everyone interested to be able to have access to our album, free of charge, donation-based physical copies and downloads, and/or for the record collectors as a physical release. There are lots of ways to value and appreciate something separate from monetarily, we value, appreciate, & care a whole lot about independent music, so when you download this record please remember to place value on ours as well, however you see fit, it takes all kinds.

– Roger, Dandelion Snow

“It’s Just A Bad Dream” will be available online and on tour starting September 29th,2009.”

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