Khaos Kloud

In Uncategorized on May 7, 2008 at 2:27 am

Khaos Kloud

The truth is, most hip-hop and rap takes itself too seriously these days. People rapping about the streets and East Coast vs. West Coast – all of it comes across too harsh.

But don’t worry, Khaos Kloud has swooped in like a vivacious falcon. A hip-hop falcon. With a violent craving for fast food.

The boys of Khaos Kloud (Juice Chill, Piece Frawg, Big Kitten, Trigger Pappy and the Rhyme-a-cologist) haven’t been around for too long, but their foray into the music world has been making heads spin like clockwork.

Not only do they create their beats from scratch, but they incorporate live guitar, bass, and synth into their performances. In what was considered only their second ever official show, Khaos Kloud had the opportunity to open for legendary reggae band The Wailers. The response was overwhelming as the band’s performance became a theatrical event involving aliens, dance contests, and intergalactic robots.

Keep a look out for these hip vocabulary slayers as they plan to release their record “Smoove” in the coming year.


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