As All Things End

In Artists on May 5, 2008 at 2:11 am

As All Things End

As All Things End

What happens when a bunch of metal kids watch too many zombie movies and buy really loud amps? The answer to that ridiculous question is As All Things End.

These metal-obsessed intellectuals may be just beginning, but they are no amateurs. The drums sound like an air strike during a thunderstorm, the bass paces along like a freight train with a bomb strapped to it, and the guitars shred and squeal like a metalhead zombie on speed.

Exaggerated? Maybe a little. Awesome? Absolutely. 

As All Things End incorporate traditional metal rippage with catchy as hell riffs and harmonies. When we say the harmonies are sweet, we mean the harmonies are SWEET. If you are a fan of metal, hardcore or volume in general, do yourself a favor and go see AATE in concert.

Dethklok wishes they were this band.


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