The Demon Beat

In Artists on May 4, 2008 at 10:55 pm

The Demon Beat

The Demon Beat

From deep between the hushed hilltops of West Virginia, comes a rag-tag trio of sharply dressed men with a predilection for volume and a passion for Rock & Roll. The Demon Beat have been busy making craters in local bars, clubs, and basements- blowing minds and resurrecting a brand of musical honesty and aural aggression that has lain dormant for decades. “I thought people forgot how to play Rock & Roll.” -a sound guy at a barn (in reference to the Demon Beat’s performance.) The Demon Beat deliver a refreshingly taut mix of Jordan Hudkins’ boisterous rhythms, the tenacious assault of Tucker Riggleman’s gut-pummeling basslines, and the scathingly acerbic, yet thick and mellow guitar work of Adam Meisterhans- who delivers his vocals with the dry wit and literary prowess of a second-year English studies drop-out. 

Photo: Matt Embrey


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