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The Dreadful Horoscope

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The Dreadful Horoscope

Armed with a resonator guitar and haunting vocals, The Dreadful Horoscope may just be the cure-all folk remedy for an effectively messed up world.

Boasting an arsenal of darkly imagined songs, The Dreadful Horoscope mixes lofty folk sensibilities with stark political commentary. Being a West Virginia native (just like BIG BULLET RECORDS) has obviously inspired TDH to write intensely articulated lyrical protests against Mountain Top Removal, which is a serious issue throughout Appalachia in general, not just West Virginia. But enough political ranting from us, TDH does a much better job, while putting it to great music in the process.


Khaos Kloud

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Khaos Kloud

The truth is, most hip-hop and rap takes itself too seriously these days. People rapping about the streets and East Coast vs. West Coast – all of it comes across too harsh.

But don’t worry, Khaos Kloud has swooped in like a vivacious falcon. A hip-hop falcon. With a violent craving for fast food.

The boys of Khaos Kloud (Juice Chill, Piece Frawg, Big Kitten, Trigger Pappy and the Rhyme-a-cologist) haven’t been around for too long, but their foray into the music world has been making heads spin like clockwork.

Not only do they create their beats from scratch, but they incorporate live guitar, bass, and synth into their performances. In what was considered only their second ever official show, Khaos Kloud had the opportunity to open for legendary reggae band The Wailers. The response was overwhelming as the band’s performance became a theatrical event involving aliens, dance contests, and intergalactic robots.

Keep a look out for these hip vocabulary slayers as they plan to release their record “Smoove” in the coming year.

“No Taking Prisoners Tonight” Out Now!

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The debut album from Massachusetts based singer-songwriter Greg Loftus is out now!

Order “No Taking Prisoners Tonight” from Interpunk today!

No Taking Prisoners Tonight

Greg Loftus

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Greg Loftus

Greg Loftus

Displaying the fine craftsmanship of alt-country songwriting, Loftus delivers something that sounds as American as any Springsteen album you’ve ever heard, while bringing something entirely its own to the table. Picture the lyrical prowess of Cory Branan infused with the raw energy and punk sensibility of bands like Lucero and Drag The River. 

No Taking Prisoners Tonight” is an incredibly solid debut effort that is sure to turn heads in the alt-country/folk scene. The full band arrangements allow Greg’s acoustic driven songs to flourish into dirty rocking romps that would fit in at any rowdy country bar. 

Order “No Taking Prisoners Tonight” right HERE!


As All Things End

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As All Things End

As All Things End

What happens when a bunch of metal kids watch too many zombie movies and buy really loud amps? The answer to that ridiculous question is As All Things End.

These metal-obsessed intellectuals may be just beginning, but they are no amateurs. The drums sound like an air strike during a thunderstorm, the bass paces along like a freight train with a bomb strapped to it, and the guitars shred and squeal like a metalhead zombie on speed.

Exaggerated? Maybe a little. Awesome? Absolutely. 

As All Things End incorporate traditional metal rippage with catchy as hell riffs and harmonies. When we say the harmonies are sweet, we mean the harmonies are SWEET. If you are a fan of metal, hardcore or volume in general, do yourself a favor and go see AATE in concert.

Dethklok wishes they were this band.

Cait O’Shea

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Cait O'Shea

Cait O’Shea

Miss O’Shea might be young, but she writes with the confidence and literacy of someone in their late 20’s. Her songs scream folk minimalism, yet her lyrics are rich with intelligent metaphors and situations.

Cait O’Shea is a girl with a guitar (and sometimes uke or keys) who writes good songs, and she aims to keep it that way.


Jude Universer

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Jude Universer

Jude Universer

Jude Universer is the definition of musical originality. With timeless pop sensibility and a deadly predilection for synth lines, Universer has quietly released several underground gems throughout the years. His background can become a bit complicated however, so I’ll let him do the talking:

My story’s a long one.

Pull up a chair.

I was born in 1972, but not the year with which most of you are familiar. You see, I am from what scientists call an “alternate dimension.” To put it in more simplistic terms, my timeline railroad runs parallel to yours.

That is to say, RAN parallel.

Here’s the deal. I was/am an officer of the law…and a damn good one! Never lost a perp. Nevertheless, yours truly was successfully existing in “alternate” 1994 when I was assigned a special top-secret operation. Not that any of that matters now. So, I’ll let you in on the secret.

I was sent back in time to the middle ages. This is where things get complicated. In being transported through the paper-thin fabric of space and time, I was subsequently dropped into the middle ages…of a DIFFERENT timeline [i.e.- yours]

Now, my mission was to stop an evil dragon from destroying a distant ancestor of mine who happened to be a princess, in her prime. No problem there. Mission accomplished. However, due to technical difficulties, I am now stuck in the alternate [your] timeline.

Armed with only a Stratocaster that is equipped to shoot photon lasers and a large-supply of immortality pills, I have been forced to rock my way through the ages, passed 1994, into what is now 2008…YOUR time.

I’ve seen a lot. I’ve done A LOT more. I’ve been here, there, and everywhere. I’ve toured with the greatest, partied with the best. I’ve heard it all. Law enforcement is my life, but Rock & Roll is my only love. And she’s a tough bride to bear, believe me.

Now, all I have are the recordings I’ve done, and I figure there’s no better time to share them than the present [future].

The Mary Celeste

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The Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste

Singer-songwriter Paul Kessler has some shit to get off of his chest – and thanks to lead guitarist Brian Scott, he is able to do just that.

Paul’s passionate song-writing is virtually unparalleled these days. He is that kind of musician who makes every single hair on your body stand on end when he sings. Kessler’s heart-wrenching delivery is matched in intensity only by the lead skills of guitarist Brian Scott. Scott is one of those guitarists who can take a great song and make it an exceptional song. His fluent picking and uncanny sense of melody allow Kessler’s songs to flourish. 

The Mary Celeste represent the ideal musical pairing: a gifted song-writer who sings with every ounce of his being, and a unique lead guitarist who gives those songs the breath and texture that they need to come alive.

The Resonators

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The Resonators

The Resonators

After the smoke stirred up by The LaCara Crash had settled, Andrew LaCara was left standing with his Telecaster firmly in hand.

Using this and many other interesting tools (including a drum machine operator by the name of Jude Universer), Andrew began crafting another round of blisteringly infectious rock songs. Whereas The LaCara Crash delved into conceptual pop/rock mastery, The Resonators have dedicated themselves to unrelenting overdrive and hooks of Weezer-esque stature.

Andrew made us think with The LaCara Crash, and now he just wants to make us dance. A lot.

The Demon Beat

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The Demon Beat

The Demon Beat

From deep between the hushed hilltops of West Virginia, comes a rag-tag trio of sharply dressed men with a predilection for volume and a passion for Rock & Roll. The Demon Beat have been busy making craters in local bars, clubs, and basements- blowing minds and resurrecting a brand of musical honesty and aural aggression that has lain dormant for decades. “I thought people forgot how to play Rock & Roll.” -a sound guy at a barn (in reference to the Demon Beat’s performance.) The Demon Beat deliver a refreshingly taut mix of Jordan Hudkins’ boisterous rhythms, the tenacious assault of Tucker Riggleman’s gut-pummeling basslines, and the scathingly acerbic, yet thick and mellow guitar work of Adam Meisterhans- who delivers his vocals with the dry wit and literary prowess of a second-year English studies drop-out. 

Photo: Matt Embrey